Food is one of the basic human survival needs, which reflects the culture, environment, ingenuity, and context of the surrounding region. Especially in Thailand, much of the cultural context is related to the food. People tend to neglect the background of our delicious food served on the table, just like how we disregard the emergence of the culture we are living in today.

While cooking, the sound of food preparation could easily arouse appetite. The connection between sound and food is similar to history and culture. Overall, every single dish is composed of its own story which makes them even tastier.

This research aims to explore aesthetical sound in Thai cooking by recording and collecting the element from well-known Thai dishes in multiple cooking methods and find the possibility to apply Thai cooking sound in experimental arts which can represent the related story

The Experimentation

The Exhibition

”Behind the plate” is a collection of conceptual artwork which provides three installation sonic art pieces. The art collection made for summarising the developed previous experimental, represent the story behind the chosen iconic thai dish; Phat Thai crisis the preparing kaprow and the magic mortar and also the developing process of the research